We love
to spread
your work.
For free.

Firstly and most important, is really for free. We don’t have any obligations with record labels or something like that. Our goal is to help spread the work without charging anything for this. Since the popularization of internet, there has been a huge increase in the number of musical works, offering the opportunity for new artists to show their ideas to a specific audience, that is, exactly those who like your particular style of music. And believe me, they are here.

New Places,
New Fans,
More Possibilities.

Something very important that has changed over the years is how the artist is paid. Not so long ago, most of the remuneration came from the sale of merchandise (t-shirts, brooches, stickers, etc.) and physical media (Vinyl, CD, DVD, etc.) and the rest came from Shows, Presentations and Copyrights. Nowadays, Live Show Presentations and Digital Streaming/Downloading is where mostly of your income comes from – in most of the time.

Therefore, we understand that disclosure plays a very important role in this whole process. And that’s exactly where we came in.

It’s a win-win

Our commitment to the people who follow ENERGYBRAZIL is to write new articles for Fans and produce more and more content of interest. And this work will be much more dynamic if we receive information directly from the artist. It’s a win-win situation: the site will receive directly from you the news and your material and you will have your work being disseminated in our information channels.

But, before you send your work…
Please, read this.

ENERGYBRAZIL is a channel that focuses specifically on an audience: people who love 80’s dance music and everything that is similar to these sounds. I could cite many styles like Synth-Pop, Funk, Electro, Italo-Disco, Hi-Energy and so on, but I’d rather simply call electronic pop music. If you think you fit in this profile WELCOME ABOARD !!!!

On our Blog, we post news from artists through postings of articles that are shared on our partner networks, as well as the production of a Podcast called ENERGY-TRACKS. In the same format as the audio podcast of the site, the video podcast that presents the same content was recently introduced, allowing the artist to send videos to publicize his work.

Still in the video format, Lives are made, where the whole audience is invited to participate live, interacting and leaving opinions about the content that is listened to. In addition, we participated in various events during the year, broadcasts on conventional radio programs and fan fairs to exchange materials and information. A few years ago we even published a Special Edition Magazine called ENERGY MAGAZINE. As you may note, there are numerous opportunities to present your work to this audience.That is, exactly your target audience.

Ready to send your stuff?

To send some physical media, see the delivery address at the end of the form. If you are sending a digital file, please put the link in the body of the message in the form below. Always keep in mind that we will reproduce exactly what you have sent, so always try to send something that has the best possible quality of reproduction, after all, it is your work that is being presented.

If you want to send any merchandise (t-shirts, autographed photos, posters, stickers, etc.), all material will be given to fans through sweepstakes – separately or through special kits arranged and given at appropriate times – except where otherwise directed.

If you have any questions and want to clarify them before sending your material, just get in touch.

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